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A unique, process driven approach to delivering outstanding results for our partners.

Expert Design

We work closely with you to find the most elegant balance between functionality and machinability.

Trusted Machinist

We have longstanding relationships with partners in several industries. You are in experienced and capable hands.

Personal Service

We strive to treat every partner as if they were our only customer. Your needs may change; our commitment to you won't.

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Our Process

Step 1

We receive the model file from you, our customer.

Step 2

Our engineers develop a production process to optimize quality and efficiency.

Step 3

We create a cutter path program to guide the machine in cutting the part.

Step 4

Our machine experts set up the appropriate fixtures and tools in our machine and make the first part.

Step 5

Once the part is successfully crafted to our standards, we begin the production run.

Step 6

The completed parts are sent to outside services for any post machining processes such as heat treatment, paint, anodization, etc.

Step 7

When the parts return, we complete any required secondary processes or assembly.

Step 8

The finished product is sent to Quality Control to ensure we deliver the best product we can.

Step 9

The completed parts are shipped to you, our customer.

Let's create.

Innovative Process, Quality Results - The choice is clear.

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